1. Entry fee will be refunded to 50% with medical certificate only

  2. The music is to be handed in 1 hour prior to the competition.

  3. Preparation of gymnasts is 5 minutes prior to the start of the warm-up on apparatus at the entrance to the competition hall, when the final decision on the starting apparatus will be communicated.

  4. Preparation for march-on per apparatus for the competition is at the entrance to the competition hall immediately following the warm-up on the apparatus.

  5. There is no 30 second warm-up per apparatus for categories EP, P1 and P2.

  6. Each gymnast is required to have her own individual CD appropriately labelled.

  7. Short notice changes to the starting order etc. if necessary are at the discretion of the organiser.

  8. Insurance covering illness, accident, theft, third party liability (and other aspects not specifically mentioned) for each gymnast and each member of each delegation is a condition of participation. The organiser does not accept any responsibility whatsoever.

  9. The competition and warm-up halls may be accessed in trainers only (no outdoor shoes).

  10. Drinks, food and smoking are not permitted in all gym halls or the changing rooms.

  11. For the team competition, the three best results from each club or federation (international) are taken.

  12. If there is a tie, the number of the highest marks will decide, i.e. 3, 2, 1.

  13. Victory ceremony: in competition attire.

  14. Victory ceremony teams: only the three team members whose scores count.

  15. Lost and found: During event: Speakers table. After event: Kathrin Fischer, Talweg 166, CH-8610 Uster +41 44 941 70 30

  16. The Head Judge makes the final decision in case of disputes.

Photos of the event will be on our home page approximately
2 weeks after the competition: